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Updated: Mar 6, 2019

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children." - Rainer Maria Rilke, Austrian Poe

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Let go and allow for flow and creativity!

Don’t worry about trying to understand where it is all taking you - go with your flow! By stepping into your true flow, you will inspire and encourage others to do the same and, together, we’ll make this world a better place. Incredible transformation is possible if you honor your natural gifts, ideas and stay true to expressing your authentic voice. You are so close to living the life your soul intended. Don’t stop now!

Today is The Spark’s 3rd blog post, and it’s also March 3rd, 2019, or 3/3/3[2+0+1+9=3]. Per numerology, three is the number of creativity.

Konexio Marketing believes we’re here to be creators, idea igniters, communicators and inspiring catalysts. With Spring 17 days away, what are you creating? What seeds are you planting? What ruckus are you causing? Do you have your creative thinking cap on? Let's connect.

Seth Godin shares in his recent February 24th blog post, Experience and variation that the only way to gain new experience is "to experiment." Of course, the nature of an experiment means you could do it wrong, which leads to the trap of status quo, no new experiences. So, the only alternative is to eagerly engage with the possible. Seek new results. Shake it up, and go with the flow. Believe in yourself. Konexio shares Seth's philosophy about doing work that matters, even if it's meant for a niche group or purpose. We believe your new ideas, your creativity matter

"Is my idea worthy? Is my idea worthwhile? Or right? Or wrong? It doesn’t matter. We must take action, for life is not a spectator sport. Neither is it a problem to be solved, but rather, life is a mystery to be experienced." - Mares, Théun

When I become fearless, life becomes boundless. Today is a wonderful time to step away from the cold shadow of “But what if…” and dance in the sunlight of “And what if it doesn’t?” It’s certainly exhilarating to see what can happen when you refuse to accept fear as a component of your dreams. Like Paul Millerd, work boundless.

A heartfelt thanks to the Seth Godin’s, Ann Handley’s and Allen Gannett’s of this life, each of us is empowered to express our voice. We can each cause a ruckus, write, become a creative genius, or be boundless in our work. HIGHLY recommend their books, blogs, insights and getting inspired. Ignite your idea!

It’s Your Turn

Everybody Writes

Creative Curve


Get busy creating. Fight the robots! Let's connect!

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When is the right time to act on an impulse, or launch an idea? For Maggie Doyne, American philanthropist, CEO of BlinkNow.org, and CNN's 2015 Hero of the Year, there's no time like now. No second guessing, no wobbliness when it comes to her purpose and passion in this life: changing the world for Nepali's children, women and underserved.

Maggie Doyne grew up in New Jersey. She haphazardly ended up in Nepal. Or, did she? In fact, she had taken a gap year immediately following high school graduation that allowed her to travel and visit children's projects and orphanages worldwide. Work in Africa fell through, so she made her way to Nepal by way of India, where she met Top Malla, a Nepali working at a children's home serving refugees. When she arrived in 2006, it was at the end of a 13-year civil war.

Flash forward 2006 to present day, she expressed candidly in an interview to Womenintheworld.com, she knew the only thing that would change the crisis situation she was witnessing was action. The orphaned Nepali children needed a voice, and Maggie was theirs. She has spent nearly every day since taking action, having conversations that matter, conversations with people (that in her words), "really wake them up because people still don't have a clue." She continues to add, "The only thing that will change it is action. I spend every day of my life taking action. I'm a do-er now. The moments where I catch myself feeling sad, I think, 'what are we going to do to change this?' That's how we got a women's center." Maggie got sick and tired of women coming to her who were beaten, their skulls cracked open from their husband an they didn't have food for their kids.

Konexio Marketing is so inspired by Maggie's indomitable spirt, her incredible work that is so vital, and matters greatly. A therapist once asked her where her life-work boundaries were? To which she laughed, "Everyone has these boundaries and for me, in my life, there probably won't be many. My kids are also my work and my life is my passion. My work is my passion and my family, in this case, are the people I love more than anything in this world. It's a blessing to live like that. It's never "work" or "not work." It's just life!

Every dollar goes a very long way. BlinkNow is in the process of trying to raise $1.6 million dollars, so [the CNN prize] will help get things started at BlinkNow's goal; to raise enthusiasm and awareness.

Women in the World, covered the details of Maggie's 10-year journey from investing her life savings of $5,000 from babysitting at 19-years old to buying land in Nepal to launching her initiative for a school for children, and support for women to today being a mother to countless Nepali children and a connector extraordinaire.

Watch this incredible video of BlinkNow's 10-year journey.

Maggie didn't have all the answers or solutions up front at 19, just the courage to leap, a hunger to do what's right and to connect resources to action and ignition to fuel change. What if each of us like Maggie had a spark of an idea to ignite and followed through? What if each of us turned their passion into their work blurring the boundaries and living like it's a blessing. How much more could we impact our community, our countries, our world? What ignites you like Maggie? What makes you BlinkNow? How can you make a difference? Are you doing work that matters? ThinkNow.

Until then, learn more about BlinkNow.org, and donate $5 a month, and go make a difference today. Mention Konexio Marketing, or contact us to let us know you donated. For every 10 annual donations, Konexio will match 1 annual donation. We're hoping to have impacted $10,000 in donations towards BlinkNow.org by end of 2019.

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Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Today marks the launch of The Spark, a blog about ideas that inspire and motivate you to leap forward courageously. Silence the naysayers. It's also the launch of Konexio Marketing, my business brainchild. Konexio's mission is to help others believe in themselves, and ignite their ideas that matter; ideas that are worthy and necessary in our world. We're a fuel hub of marketing and practical business solutions to connect and support your efforts to get started, and to help grow your existing product or service-based business.

Why Konexio?

"All grownups were once children, but only few of them remember it." - The Little Prince, Antoine de St. Exupéry

Deep emotion and intense feelings are what inspire powerfully creative and innovative work -work that connects us. In order to experience deep emotions and intense feelings, you need to continually try new things. You need to reach the threshold of your current identity and go beyond it. You need to open yourself to new experiences that reshape how you view the world.

Have an idea that matters? At Konexio Marketing we want to hear about it and help you ignite your concept. To quote Ella Fitzgerald, The Jazz Singer, "Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there's love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong."

This blog, will first and foremost, share ideas, ideamakers, and help connect you with others bravely spreading ideas. Second, The Spark will strive always to create fun and delight because life is meant to be joyful. And third, allow you to lean into each moment and encounter expecting miracles.

In addition to my incredible family and friends, the following are some of my greatest inspirers/worthiness wombats (post to clarify, coming soon) who have motivated and influenced me to believe in myself, inspired me to appreciation, and encouraged me to venture out onto that proverbial limb.

Maya Angelou

Jacalyn Bennett

Brené Brown

Jean Card

Janet Driscoll Miller

Tim Ferris

Allen Gannett

Seth Godin

Ann Handley

Stephen Hero

Dion Kauffman

Laura Patterson

David Whyte

Never be afraid to fail. Always believe you have something invaluable to contribute. We are all worthy of being seen and heard. Your ideas matter. I look forward to connecting!

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

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