Our Mission

Konexio Marketing was founded to help clients ignite ideas; ideas that might otherwise fizzle before their time. Imagine if Henry Ford gave up on the automobile after his first prototypes failed? Edison on the lightbulb? Caresse Crosby on the backless brassiere? Or, Tim Berners-Lee's World Wide Web?

No idea is too small or odd. Every idea is unique and can grow with the right mix of nurturing, encouragement and fuel to achieve its full potential.  


Have an idea that you believe matters; will revolutionize the world, or add value to your community, but unsure how to start? Lack the time, self-trust or network? Konexio is your partner offering a full range of marketing, business solutions and know-how to help your idea shine! We believe in work that matters. We believe in you and will support you along your journey to success.  

Whether you're an idea maker getting started, an existing business that wants better brand visibility, a business strategy or roadmap, expanded market reach, digital storytelling, how-to training, or simply want to make an impact, let's connect!

"Ideas in secret die. They need light and air or they starve to death." - Seth Godin