About Konexio 



"Learn that everything connects to everything else." DaVinci

Hello! My name is Carmen Asteinza. I’m the Founder and Chief Idea Igniter at Konexio Marketing. Every connection in my life has led me to launch Konexio, which simply means "connection" in Euskera, or Basque. Born and raised in New York City, a first generation Basque-Cuban American, my creativity was passionately fueled by two indomitably-spirited, strong role models - my mother who worked in marketing and sales for an international airline, and my grandmother who in her forties became a successful interior designer.  I'm grateful beyond words that they emphasized the importance of connecting with people, places and world. This dynamic matriarchal duo taught me that communicating with others is the key to happiness. Through conversation we better understand, problem-solve, and above all, encourage each other's original ideas to flourish and better our world. 

After obtaining a B.A. in English and Film/Video from Middlebury College, my journey led me to Marketing. More than 20 years later with experience in startup and large corporations alike, expertise across all areas of marketing, business development and customer experience in B2B and B2C environments in the digital and print space, human connection has never been more important than ever. 


While the Internet brings an ocean of resources and accessibility to jumpstart ideas, it is also overwhelming. The human connection is still the most significant.  Konexio's goal is to listen, understand, then discern the best solutions at scale to help you leap forward confidently.  Konexio strives to find the right fuel to help anyone who has a great idea. At whatever stage or concept, be it creative, a revolutionary product or service, or a stand alone project, our in-house and partner experts help you find the right fuel mix to charge your idea and ignite it. Brilliance-as-a-Service (BaaS). One. Step. At. A. Time.


Already an established business wanting to grow your brand, revenue or reach, but lack time or resources? Let's connect and take things to the next level.  Let’s ignite your idea today!